Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Fun & Family

Fourth of July weekend was Hotttt - very hot. We spent the long weekend at O'Bannon Woods and of course we went swimming both days. My cousin Chris brought his son, Christopher Jr. a.ka. "Bub". He's a couple of years older than Drew but they play well together. Its always nice to spend time with my family.

These times with my kids and cousins remind me of my childhood. There are times that I wish I could make my boys truly understand how important it is to cherish these very precious moments. Growing up, my friends were my cousins. We spent many days at my grandparents house just being together. If we weren't at my grandparents house, we were driving around to thousands of yard sales on a Saturday morning. I pee'd the bed until what seemed to be the ninth grade and the only place that I would spend the night would be with my aunt Judy. My sister and I spend many weekends with my cousins Amy and Allison in the country - we didn't always get along but we always went back because we loved eachother.

My memories of my childhood are for the most part happy and I want my kids to remember their childhood to be the same. Having a life filled with family is by far more important than any material possession as you cannot put a price tag on love.

We get caught up in the day to day and often times forget how important people are to us. My goal is to always be there - to always show up to that family event but life happens. It seems like I have to really put an effort to see my family. My boys love their family and I hope that I am doing the best that I can do in modeling family values.

My mamaw never had the opportunity to meet Sam. He came nine months after she died - I like to tell myself that he was a gift from her. Sam resembles her side of the family most and is definitely stubborn. Its moments like this that I wish that she were still here with us. I can almost hear her voice or see a specific look that she would get on her face. These memories are so vivid because my sister and I were permanent fixtures in her home. We spent many years with her and I am so thankful for that time because the regrets that I have are few.

I hope that she is proud of all of us. We try very hard to keep her family strong and together.