Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crafting, Friendship & Vintage Fabric From my "PERSONAL" Stash

As a working mommy of two boys, my social life is nearly non-existent and believe me I'm fine with that aspect of my life. My social life is my boys and in my opinion - "me time" is while I'm at work. My kids didn't ask to be placed in this world so it is my job to raise them to the best of MY ability. I do on the weekends get away occasionally but those occasions are carefully chosen.

Last weekend, Loren (mommy friend who has a 2 year old boy, Deacon and is expecting her second baby in June, Desi) and I went to a Sewing 101 class last week and learned all about straight stitches, interfacing and even how to create a "blind hem". It was fun and we are both exploring our"inner seamstress" by sewing different things here and there. I spend my time making pillows and window treatments while Loren has made a car seat canopy for Desi and she really wants to make her a quilt - among many other things. Obviously, our inspirations differ but I think its great that we are both embracing "hand made". We share links with patterns and bounce ideas off one another almost constantly.

My friendship with Loren is great because the expectation is the same. We are both moms who work full time and our kids occupy our free time. It was nice to share a couple hours at a class with Loren kid free but it was also cool to not feel the pressure to "got to lunch" as after a full week at work, we both wanted to get back home.

On the "friendship" note...Before I ever even sewed my first stitch - I consulted another very good mommy friend of mine, Deanna @ She recommended that I try the book "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol. Of course, I ordered the book immediately and loved it. No, I haven't made anything out of the book but I suggested to Loren that she order the book so that she can make Desi a quilt! There are 30 patterns in this book and I love absolutely all of them! There is a pattern for a "lap quilt" and I think this will be perfect Loren!

I found these vintage fabrics in my personal stash! Loren, I hope you love them because they are all yours! It will be awesome to see that quilt! Desi will love it for many years to come!

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