Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today I Must....

Purchase one of these.... (photo from
Because I have moved my craft area from the basement to the living room. I guess you could call it the "formal" living room if there is such a thing in this house! Why do I need to purchase it today?? Well, today is the last day of January! Remember, I am on a spending freeze in February! I must hurry!
The desk took the place of the recliner... Remember that cheap table I tried to paint last week?? There it is to the left. It didn't turn out too bad - It'll do for now. If I want to sew, I just move the computer and pull the sewing machine out of here... The same goes form my scrapbook supplies.

Nope, its not fancy but it will do. I wasn't inspired in the basement. For some reason, I am inspired upstairs!


  1. How did it go buying an ironing board? I really need to get one of those. I'm using a tv tray covered in baby blankets and I'm ruinng the tray and my back both.

  2. Not good - I found a mini ironing board in my basement and it looks like i'll just have to carry the iron up and down the steps... I didn't feel like going out --- sad huh?


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