Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not a DIME in February....

Its raining today... My plan was to sand my coffee table outside so I could apply a coat of primer but I can't because its raining.... Again.

I've collected a laundry basket full of items that I need to transform so I've made the executive decision that I will not spend a dime at any thrift store for the whole month of February. As a matter of fact, I will log my Master bathroom/bedroom progress as I go. I really hope I finish by the end of February because I still have the "public" restroom to paint and the floor in my kids bedroom. Obviously - these projects will not take place in February but I hope to have them complete by May so that when I come back from Gulf Shores I can concentrate on baby-making...

Planning is definately a downfall that I have so we'll see how this goes down. Will I finish it all by May???

How do you prioritize your projects? What keeps you to that plan? At this moment, all of my plans are swimmng around in my head and of course are subject to change.... HELP!!!

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